Ohhhh man.

Game of Thrones went from hate(immature) to love(emotional) to anger(rational) for me during the last couple of years. It was a single creation I fangirled about. This was like a 4-year, hectic, hazardous, orgasmic, fucked up & unhealthy relationship which ended in “it” going nuts. But I have to admit — I enjoyed the ride. And I believe everyone did. Had we asked all the people who watched it, the majority I think would claim they didn’t like the ending. But would they do this all over again? Sure. Masochists? No, not exactly. As I claimed in my earlier piece, there will never be anything like Game of Thrones again.

The first couple of seasons were so great, they made me un-hate fantasy. An unthinkable achievement. :D I digested the first 5 seasons in 1 week and went on to “worship” the series up to the point of reading the character backstories and diving deep into its history. I never do anything of the sort but GOT crashed a stream of stereotypes in me that have been long planted by LOTR and similar phenomenons. GOT was different. It was like the real life.

And it saddens me up to my core to think that showrunners and HBO maybe ruined thee best series of all times. I still think that books will do a better job and will actually take the time to bring these characters to the points depicted in the series in a way it will feel earned.

Game of Thrones: The Series is an exact replica of Daenerys Targaryen’s character arc. I loved it, believed in it & it betrayed me and became bad. BAD just for the sake of it :/

Hmmm..I intended this post to be more sarcastic & fun but somehow the beginning turned into an emotional confession. Let me brighten the mood up a bit. Just a sec. Here. Enjoy.

See you in next paragraph.

For the record, I don’t mind Danny turning mad, Tyrion making stupid mistakes, Arya killing the Night King or Jaime going back to Cersei (a la Gone Girl). I don’t. It’s just I didn’t believe in any of it. It could’ve worked. It could’ve. But you have to build a story, you have to make me care. Like I cared for Robb & Catelyn. It shouldn’t just be shock as an endgame. The story should be coherent, cohesive. It’s not like I hated Bran being the king because I wanted some other grandiose celebration but because Bran was a boring character and essentially extremely useless.

It’s not like I mind Jon going back to Night’s Watch, it’s that I don’t see why the Night Watch exists anymore. It’s not like I mind Jamie going back, it’s that what was the last 7 seasons of character development for? It’s not that I mind killing NK and moving on, it’s that what was his point anyway? Why did we lose 7 seasons thinking he’s the ultimate evil? It’s not like I mind them ditching the R+L=J, it’s that in that case I don’t see the point of revealing that at all. It’s not that I mind Drogon not burning Jon, it’s that… fuck, just give me a story to believe in, give me smth,a meat, a bone? Smth. Give me the CHARACHTER DEVELOPMENT. Foreshadowing is not enough.

Tyrion was my favorite character. He was essentially everybody’s favorite character. There is no woman I know who didn’t think of boning him :D just because he’s so fuckin’ awesome. But he was a pathetic replica of himself during the last season. Liking him this season is like liking someone who has obviously changed but you had “history” with him. I don’t do “history”. I only care for “now”.

Stop telling me he’s smart — show it. Tyrion fucked up so many times during this season that it’s hard for me to believe it was TYRION. Trusting Cersei? Like seriously?Being ok with hiding everybody in the crypt with dead people? Like seriously?Telling on Varys when it’s clear the shit’s gonna hit the fan? Like seriously? Demonstratively throwing off the badge of Hand of the Queen? Like seriously? You, yes you were the most amazing, fuckin’ awesome badass motherfucker who would’ve convoluted such manoeuvres to overthrow Dany that we’d be left in awe. WTF happened? You were supposed to be a Targaryen too. There’s so much epic fan theories about Tyrion not being Tywin’s real son but his wife’s and Aerys Targaryen’s due to rape or smth else. There was so much more to it.

Stop telling me Danny’s crazy turn was developed — show it. Was it foreshadowed? YES. Was it developed? NO. Danny’s turn was a cramped up shit. It didn’t feel earned.

Stop telling me Jon’s a good fighter and will be a good king — show it. This guy didn’t last a day as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. He almost lost Battle of Bastards due to poor tactics. Was essentially useless in both Battle for Winterfell and Battle for King’s Landing. Useless & Stupid.

Stop telling me Bran knows everything — show it. Bran is the most useless & boring character in the TV history. Period. There was a good theory about Arya killing Night King by using her faceless assassin skills(which was totally forgotten this season). When NK approaches Bran, he would’ve gotten out of the chair(!!!) and stabbed NK, then it’d turn out to be Arya with Bran’s face who sacrificed himself for this. That would have been fuckin awesome. And would’ve justified the existence of Bran.

There were so many cool prophecies and theories that were left unrealized: Tyrion being a Targaryen, Azor Ahai, Cersei & Valonqar and etc.

Seasons 7 & 8 were rushed, forced & pressed. It lacked writing and character development. I could’ve easily waited for 10 years before another season just for it to be good. Alas.

And as most of the characters regressed to their initial state (Jaime to Cersei, Jon to Night’s Watch, …) I unfortunately regressed to not liking fantasy again :|


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