Game of Thrones or why I hate Jon Snow


Ok, so I’m typing this for the 19th time this year. Let’s hope I don’t erase it and post it this time. It might be long, so just bear with me. Or quit now, whatever 😃

I don’t like fantasy. That’s no secret. The weird thing is that I actually believe in the outworld, the different, the “magic”, the unreal, higher powers, superpowers to exist in the real world. But I like to take my books, films and TV shows to be as real as possible. It’s kinda contradictory. But so is the life itself.

I don’t like Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pirates of The Caribbean, majority of Marvel movies, Hunger Games and etc. Or I like to say that to make the statement self-satisfactory. It’s not entirely true but the truth is longer and people don’t read for long. The truth is I don’t like any of LoTR characters and the story but I respect the writing, I don’t like the later Harry Potter movies but the first two made my childhood and for a very long time I was a fan of Tom Marvolo, I hate the whiny Luke Skywalker but I love the story of Anakin, I don’t like goofy Jack Sparrow but I’ve seen the first movie maybe 67 times and love it, I hate the Avengers crew but Love the Marvel series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones) and I’ve only seen the first Hunger Games. The truth is I’m okay with fantasy but I like a creation to challenge me, make me wanna tear myself in disbelief. Disbelief about my feelings and not the content. So let’s end this chapter by admitting that it’s not like I don’t like fantasy just for the sake of not liking it but because there’s a reason.

Done. Ok Next.

I remember when I was younger and more emotional I gave LOTR 1-star ratings in all platforms to make the average go down as I didn’t believe it should have a rating that high. I believed it was admired and fanboy/fangirl-ed by those who didn’t get laid in high-school — a statement perfectly summarized in this FRIENDS video:

I’ve done the same to GOT for 5 years, without watching it, without knowing anything about it, it had a 1-star rating in all my directories. I even went to the extreme of forbidding my parents to watch it when they wanted to 😃 I told them it’s some bullshit with dragons 🙄

And then, in 2015, April, the day System of a Down came to Yerevan and gave a free concert in Republic Square, the day I deliberately missed it and went to see the new Avengers movie (hell knows why) the unbelievable happened. A guy that came with me convinced me to see Game of Thrones. He didn’t want to and he didn’t put much effort into it and that’s maybe exactly why I didn’t oppose. He said smth weird, smth that changed my mentality about the whole thing. He said the main character dies in the first season, then the one everybody hates dies too and nothing can be sure. I believed this show to be the complete opposite of that — the weak is prophesied to rule, the weak fights the big bad, the weak loses, the weak goes back and becomes stronger, the weak comes back and fights again, the weak wins type of thing. But now this guy is telling me it’s not like that. I went home that day and decided to give the first episode a try. I watched all of 5 seasons that week. I was in awe. That was the challenge I loved. I mean I was wrong and I love being wrong but like actually being wrong, when someone legit proves it to me. I removed all the 1-stars that day.

The above story was there to tell about the extremes I went with with GOT. From extremely negative to extremely positive. From hate to love.

But there’s actually a middle ground, to which I grew to during next seasons. The truth is that it’s more like the real life than the real life itself. It has the character development, the between-the-lines, the maneuvers, the love, the power and the massive craze around Game of Thrones is totally justified. There won’t be anything like it for the generations to come. Not even close.

About unpopular opinions: I don’t like Jon Snow, I’m indifferent to Arya, I like Sansa & Jaime, I liked Littlefinger but started disliking Daenerys. The cool thing is that these opinions were completely different in Season 1 and changed with characters, which means they changed and I changed.

Jon is stupid & naive. If it wasn’t for Sansa he’d be dead and the Battle of Bastards (singlehandedly won by Sansa) would be lost. Jon has that lordoftherings vibe about him, that Aragorn-like novelty, that pseudo-honest look. He is more the son of Ned than Rhaegar to me. Ned cheated when fighting Sir Arthur Dayne, they stabbed Arthur in the back but somehow everyone believes Ned to be perfect. I’m usually scared of such people. The ones to claim to be good, the ones everyone believes to be good. That’s the most dangerous type.

Littlefinger was someone I understood. He loved Caitlyn when he was young & poor and didn’t have anything. He didn’t get the girl and became a calculating, manipulative bastard. A smart asshole. He was the only one who saw beyond the bullshit, beyond the prophecies and legends. He was the one to understand that chaos is a ladder. Words I repeat to myself every time smth doesn’t go the way I want to.

Daenerys was my favorite during all seasons except the last. She satisfied my inner feminist like nothing ever has. She was arrogant, powerful, extremely beautiful, smart, she had dragons and had that leader vibe about her. The DRACARYS part was a major eyegasm for me. The part when she burnt the Khals alive was even better. And although I believe her character went from crazy smart and ambitious to more subtle in the last season by chasing after some JonSnow she barely knew with 3 dragons, letting one get killed, I still believe that she deserves to be Queen more than anyone else.

But I know there’s a higher chance of Jon sitting on the Throne and I kinda made my peace with it. It’s a show & they have to satisfy the majority. That’s a billion-dollar business now. It’d be the smart move. Not an honest move, but smart.

BTW will it be the first and only time when the book-readers will be spoiled by us? :D It will, won’t it?




Seen 2500+ Movies, IG @lussvontrier

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Seen 2500+ Movies, IG @lussvontrier

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